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Included With Every Order


Archiving & Backup

We create standards-compliant h.264 MP4 video files to ensure a high-caliber product that will work with all your modern (and future) video players. We also include a bit-for-bit backup copy of the DVD itself, so you can transcode again if technology improves - no need to dig out the old media and find an optical drive that works! Delivered on a convenient USB drive that can be copied and eventually stored in your safe deposit box. You can also confidently store your aging DVD video media, now that you safely have a redundant backup.


Video Experience

Under Design was founded in 1992, working in many media forms integrating design into real-world applications. We have over 30 years of experience in film/video, plus years more experience in digital recording, multi-media development, video compression and digital encoding. We've added extensively to our video processing hardware and assembled top-of-the-line equipment to ensure quality transfers at an affordable price. We've been running other similar digital conversion services businesses for over 15 years, demonstrating our quality service and technical ability!


Professional Results

Our MP4 video files are high-quality and highly compatible with set-top boxes or mobile devices. We use 2-pass encoding to generate crisper images and smoother video playback so your MP4 videos will look better than you remember. Using modern video compression, your resulting video will take up less drive space than you might expect. See what other satisfied customers are saying about their new digital conversions!

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Personal Service

If you have a massive project for your TV station, university, corporation, government agency or just an intricate order that requires personal attention, contact us here at Under Design and we'll be glad to help you out! We can handle all sorts of custom orders, and offer bulk discounts that fit your budget.

Now including Shipment Tracking

US Postman holding oversize Tracking Sticker We're already big fans of the United States Postal Service and it's Media Mail rate. They've recently upgraded to support Package Tracking, and now we include it as a standard feature with all of our Return Shipping. After we've shipped your job back to you, we'll email you a tracking number and instructions on how to monitor it's commute back to your home.

Start My Order

[image: PayPal Logo] We use PayPal to do our billing; they accept all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover) and will collect your shipping address and email us once your payment is processed.

After it's processed, review our media packing instructions. All orders will receive an email notification from PayPal and Under Design. Please fill out the number of conversions you'll need, and click the big PayPal button to pay us securely with your credit card.

Order Online and Pay With Credit Card

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DVD to MP4 Conversion

Now you can watch and share your home DVD videos on your phone, tablet or set-top box! The MP4 video format is great for sharing with family and friends or posting online to social media or YouTube. You are responsible for shipping your DVDs to us. We do NOT convert any commercial or copyrighted materials.

DVD to MP4 Conversion
(1) MP4 Video conversion of copied MPEG-2 Video from a DVD Video Disc source used for personal backup and delivered on USB drive. A folder for each DVD will be on the delivered drive, containing a copy of the original DVD files along with MP4 video versions, compressed in h.264 format de-interlaced video. Files will be named after any imprinted information on the disc itself (example: Pam's High School Play 2005), or DVD disc name.
USB External Thumb Drives
$ Varies
Supply your own or buy one of ours - these standard USB thumb drives will have your backup of the DVD as well as the MP4 video versions on them. Sized to suit your order. You'll need approximately 6gb of space per DVD Video - assuming each DVD is nearly full of video content.
Return Shipping
USPS Media Mail Flat Rate Return shipping to any US Destination, with included USPS Tracking.
DVD to MP4 Transfers Needed

Order by U.S. Mail and Pay with Check

Download Order Form

Download and print our PDF order form, which has all of our available digital conversion services (and simple flat-rate pricing) in one simple-to-use form. You can calculate return shipping costs and bulk discounts for a simple predictable estimate for your archiving project. Use our order form for:

  • Multiple media type orders (VHS Tapes along with LP's, Cassettes, etc.)
  • No Credit Card or you prefer to pay by Check or Money Order

Simply pack our completed order form along with your media and ship it to us using the U.S. Postal Service's Media Mail rate, for the lowest shipping rates! We'll notify you by email once it arrives.